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Morning all! Just a quick piece on a Sunday afternoon given that you have Sunday roasts to be cooking and I have plenty of work to be doing.

Today I'll be simply covering how to cut down your spending price when buying items online. This is something I've been doing for a few years now and I'm still amazed at how few people know about these apps/extensions. There are 2 specifically that I want to share with each benefit you in a different way:

1 - Honey

A google Chrome extension which is FREE to download. Quite simply the best thing I have used when it comes to making purchases. It is seamless and does all the leg work for you.

Honey is basically an app that will scan the internet for any discount codes that may apply to your purchase. You can find this in the chrome store or simply google 'Honey Chrome extension' which will take you to the Chrome store to download the app. Restart your browser and you're good to go!

Anyway, how it works...

When the checkout page has loaded, Honey should display a banner telling you it has found a discount code.

All you need to do is click 'Apply discounts' and Honey will begin to filter though all of the identified discounts and eventually apply the best option for your purchase.

You'll then see your total and discounted total after the discount is applied.

I wish the app would track how much the discount codes have saved for all purchases overall. In my opinion, it's the only thing that would make this tool even better.

It has saved me fortunes in the past!

You should know that the app finds discount codes for a whole range of products and services too. I have used it to get a discount on clothing, books, random eBay and Amazon items, food orders, electronics, subscription services, and more.

One of the best discoveries I have made!

2 - InvisibleHand

The InvisibleHand extension is my other lifesaver. A really simple tool but with a really effective output to help consumers. This is also available to download for FREE in the Chrome store. Just restart your browser once downloaded to start using it.

Everybody has scoured the internet for hours in the past looking to find a particular items for a cheaper price before we end up getting fed up and buying the item for the site where we started our search.

Like Honey, InvisibleHand does all of that leg work for us. It will literally scan the web for the exact item that you are searching for and display a pop up banner containing the location where you can find it at the cheapest price!

Here's how it works. Simple search for your item online, for example, let look for a book on Amazon.

As you can see it is £14.78 for the paperback version.

By selecting the InvisibleHand icon, we are kicking off the process for the extension to find the same book for a cheaper price.

...and once done, you'll be presented with a number of websites where you can buy the same item cheaper.

As you can see, InvisibleHand has found the same item, brand new, on eBay for less than half the price. The second price in the list is for £10.49 which is still a £4.29 saving.

Simple as that!

As I do, you should try and get in the habit of using these apps to cut your spending down. While you may not see an immediate benefit, over time you'll realise that you would have spent a lot less money than you could have done without these apps.

Download them and give them a try!

Are there any other apps that use when spending your money online? Leave some comments/feedback and let me know.

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